Riga International Airport Attains Silver Category in “Sustainability Index 2013”

Riga International Airport participated in this campaign and second year in a row was awarded in silver category. Today “Sustainability Index 2013” awards were given to the participants who took part in the “Sustainability Index” initiative, based on the assessment of their performance in five fields of sustainable activities. 

About the Sustainability Index initiative:

Based upon an internationally recognised methodology, the Sustainability Index provides opportunity means by which to assess the company operations in five areas: company strategy, working environment, market relations, environmental impact and society. The national social partners, in particular, the Free Trade Union Confederation of Latvia and the Employers' Confederation of Latvia, are the initiators behind the Sustainability Index campaign. The methodology of the index and the project management are provided by the Corporate Sustainability and Responsibility Institute. Within the Sustainability Index, companies can qualify in the bronze, silver and gold categories and, since 2012, in the platinum category as well.