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New summer season flights from Riga Airport: Gdansk, Lisbon, Malaga, Kaliningrad, Almaty, Sochi, Split, Bordeaux (AirBaltic), Kutaisi (Wizz Air), Pafa, Burgasa, Girana (Ryanair). Enjoy the flight!



The environmental policy of the SJSC Riga International Airport is focussed on sustainable development based on protective attitude to the environment, care for the community and sparing use of natural and energy resources. We assume the responsibility for the impact of airport operations on the environment and it is essential for us to eliminate or minimize the adverse effect of airport operations on the quality of air, soil, surface and ground water and to control the noise pollution. In order to implement the environmental policy, the airport has laid down the basic and specific principles of the environmental protection.

Basic Principles:

  •  To observe the environmental protection requirements defined in the laws and regulations and conduct the operational compliance assessment at the airport in order to ensure the conformity with the set requirements.
  •  To conduct systematic monitoring of the environment, see to it that the quality of the environment does not deteriorate and where possible improve the quality of the environment commensurate with the airport’s financial and technical capability.
  •  To set stringent control measures and monitor their implementation with regard to the airport’s essential environmental aspects, communicate them to the airport personnel and third parties working in the airport territory.
  •  To create and develop the environmental awareness of the airport personnel.
  •  To liaise with airlines and the airport’s business partners in order to find joint solutions for those essential environmental aspects that are not directly controlled by the airport, such as the noise generated by aircraft.
  •  To periodically analyse the airport’s performance in environmental protection and prescribe the necessary measures for improvement.
  •  To provide the stakeholders with transparent and comprehensive information on the airport’s environmental policy and on significant activities in environmental protection.

Specific Principles:

To perform monitoring of the noise generated by aircraft, provide updated information on the areas affected by the noise and to take proactive measures to minimize the aircraft noise.

Energy and CO2
To achieve perpetual improvement of energy efficiency and consistently reduce the CO2 emissions by using the following instruments:
- Energy efficient systems;
- Increasing share of renewable resources in the energy balance;
- Systematic monitoring and assessment of consumption of energy resources;
- Introduction of energy saving measures.

To minimize the bulk of waste generated in the airport by improving the sorting of waste and thus preparing the increasing amount of waste for recycling.

Surface water
To ensure purifying of stormwater prior to releasing it into the surface water and thus prevent entering of the pollution into the land drainage system and the Neriņa River.

Soil and ground water
To prevent the release of pollution into the soil and ground water and to carry out the reclamation of the historically polluted areas.

To apply the green public procurement criteria to the public procurement process at the airport.




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