1974 - 1995

1974 – 1991

The building of the RIGA International Airport was built in October 1974. At that time it operated as the local airport within the territory of former USSR. At that time it was the administrative component of “Aeroflot” without the rights to manage independently. The incomes of the airport were sent to the central accounting bills of “Aeroflot” in Moscow and then they were distributed among the airports of USSR and affiliated of the airline “Aeroflot”. Only after the restoration of Latvian independence in 1991, the resolution of the government of the Republic of Latvia the former affiliate of “Aeroflot” was divided into three economically independent companies:“Latvijas Gaisa satiksme”, airline “Latvijas aviolīnijas”, as well as the national airport company “Riga” that included the international airport “Riga”, “Liepāja” and „Daugavpils”.


Since 1993 the RIGA International Airport has implemented several large modernization and expansion projects including waiting-rooms for business-class passengers, VIP centre, computerized information system and computerized tickets and luggage registration system.


The first largest reconstruction works – rehabilitation of runway and change of illumination system – took place in 1994, followed by the upgrade of the airport administration building, new passenger busses and runway technologies. Gradually the technical park of the airport was reconstructed and new parking lots were created.


The airport building receives a new annex, the staff at the check-in hall receives new counters, business-class travelers enjoy a new “Solo” club, while the general public is offered a new waiting area.

The number of direct destinations reaches 26, the number of airlines grows to 23. Moscow, Copenhagen and Frankfurt are still the most popular destinations.