In 2013, Riga Airport welcomed 4 793 045 passengers. The number of transfer and transit passengers accounted for 32% of the total passenger traffic handled by the airport and the most popular transfer/transit destinations were Tallinn, Vilnius, Helsinki, Moscow and Stockholm. The leading positions in terms of passenger traffic were invariably held by the carriers airBaltic and Ryanair.

In 2013, Riga Airport offered a vast choice of destinations: from 70 in the winter season to 81 destinations in the summer season. In May, the Latvian national carrier airBaltic opened flights to the Sardinian town of Olbia (Italy), as well as to Hévíz-Balaton (Hungary) and to Malta. The new airBaltic routes made travel for passengers to the destinations in the Baltics, Scandinavia, Russia and the CIS countries more convenient.

On 31 May 2013, at Riga International Airport the first flight took off on the route Riga – Thessaloniki (Greece). The fights were operated by the leading Greek tour operator    Mouzenidis Travel jointly with the carrier Astra Airlines. 

In April, the Latvian national carrier airBaltic commenced flights from Riga to Larnaca (Cyprus) and in June – to Rijeka (Croatia). Earlier, in January, airBaltic had opened flights to Prague (the Czech Republic).

When the summer flight schedule was introduced, the airlines from Riga International Airport offered six new regular and three charter flight destinations. Overall, flight frequency rose 19% up, compared with the winter season. More flights were operated to such destinations as Helsinki, Stockholm, Tallinn, Moscow, New York, Istanbul, Minsk etc.

Similarly, to the year 2012, in 2013 the widest choice of destinations from Riga Airport was offered by the Latvian national carrier airBaltic, giving its passengers the opportunity to reach 43 destinations. Ryanair followed with 11, and Norwegian and Wizz Air with four destinations.

The Ground Handling Department of Riga International Airport in 2013 achieved as high a quality indicator in passenger and aircraft handling as in the previous year.    The Ground Handling Department, rendering top quality professional services to the airlines, reached a 99.89 per cent punctuality ratio. It is an outstanding result in the aviation industry. On the international scale and compared with other European airports, Riga Airport in terms of punctuality ranks among the leading airports in Europe.

In December, the newly reconstructed VIP Centre of Riga Airport was opened for the clients. In the result of the reconstruction, the VIP service quality was improved to meet the standards set for the VIP services in Europe. The existing building is connected with a new annexe forming a single complex with one entrance hall and reception centre, occupying the total area of 2060 m2. In the new VIP Centre, passengers can settle all the necessary formalities before and after their flight.