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Non-aviation sector

Contemporary air passengers demand much more from airports than to be just a plain aircraft boarding point. RIGA International Airport (RIX) follows the trend – as most of the airports of the world we offer both quality aviation services (i.e., ground handling, passenger handling and cargo services) and Non-aviation (also known as commercial) services.

A well performing Non-aviation sector ensures a win-win situation both for passengers and airports alike – passengers have an entertaining, pleasant and comfortable stay at the airport, and on the other hand, airports can improve passenger satisfaction and gain ancillary revenues. Non-aviation sector plays an important role in the general development of RIX.


The most important Non-aviation sector services at RIX:

  • convenient value-for-money parking lots located near the terminal;
  • terminal commercial spaces – shops, cafes, currency exchange, rent-a-cars, offices, etc.;
  • efficient and targeted advertising opportunities at the airport;
  • provision of public utilities;
  • development of the airport territory.


In this section you may find useful information for starting cooperation with RIX in the Non-aviation sector.


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