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Renovation and extension of the Telecommunication network (Identification No AK-16/187)

SJSC RIGA International Airport
(VAS ,,Starptautiskā lidosta ,,Rīga’’’’)

Reg.No 40003028055, address - Lidosta “Rīga” 10/1, Mārupes novads, LV-1053
P: (+371) 67207135, F: (+371) 67211767, www.riga-airport.com

hereby announces an open tender procedure “Renovation and extension of the Telecommunication network” (Identification No AK-16/187).

! Amendments are made to the tender terms of reference and the submission term of the tenders has been rescheduled.

The tenders must be submitted before 16 October 2017, 10.00 (local time), at the Head Office of Riga International Airport, floor 6, room 609. When submitting the tender by hand, in order to receive a visitor’s pass, you must present a valid identification (ID) card or a passport.

Contact person: Tatjana Jakimova, senior legal officer of the Procurement Unit
T: (+371) 67207100, e-mail: T.Jakimova@riga-airport.com

The Terms of Reference of the tender pdf

Amendments No 1

Answers to the questions asked by possible applicants: