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Toolkit for GNSS Measurements and Measurement Data Processing (Identification No CA-17/213)

SJSC RIGA International Airport
(VAS ,,Starptautiskā lidosta ,,Rīga’’’’)

Reg. No 40003028055, address - Lidosta “Rīga” 10/1, Mārupes novads, LV-1053
P: (+371) 67207135, F: (+371) 67211767, www.riga-airport.com

hereby announces a request for quotation procedure “Toolkit for GNSS Measurements and Measurement Data Processing” (Identification No CA-17/213).

The quotations must be submitted before 4 October 2017, 14.00 (local time), at the Head Office of Riga International Airport, floor 6, room 609. When submitting the tender by hand, in order to receive a visitor`s pass, you must present a valid identification (ID) card or a passport.

Contact person: Mārtiņš Ozols, legal officer of the Procurement Unit
P: (+371) 67207665, e-mail: Martins.Ozols@riga-airport.com

The instructions of the request for quotation procedure pdf