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Airport: the Court Decision Jeopardises Passenger Security and Public Order at the Airport

 The decision of the Administrative Regional Court, which is in conflict with international and national laws and regulations on civil aviation security, will not only have a significant impact on the Airport's work, but will also jeopardise the fulfilment of the obligations of Latvia as a Contracting State of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO).

Having got acquainted with the decision of the Administrative Regional Court of 30 August 2017, the Airport has established that the Court in its decision had failed to take into account both national and international legal provisions regulating aviation security, including the ICAO Convention on International Civil Aviation, which states that each Contracting State must ensure security measures in the open areas of the airport in order to reduce the risk to the airport, passengers and aircraft.

The Court in its decision has incorrectly stated that the Airport had introduced the pass regime for entering the so-called "taxi line", located in the immediate vicinity of the passenger terminal, with an aim of making a profit. The Airport emphasises that the pass regime has been primarily designed to ensure security of the Airport, passengers and aircraft and to maintain public order at the open area of the Airport, avoiding uncontrolled flow of vehicles in the immediate vicinity of the Airport terminal, as requested by international legal acts.

Understanding that some taxi service providers may have difficulty meeting the stringent security criteria imposed on staff and vehicles to receive the access passes, the Airport in co-operation with Mārupe Municipality Council has created a new public parking place for taxis and minibuses behind the car park P1 that can be used by any taxi service provider.
The Airport regrets that the Court has based its decision on the interests of individual service providers and has not taken into account the common interest and security of the 5.4 million passengers served at Riga International Airport.

Given that the Airport must comply with the judgement of the Administrative Regional Court and allow anyone to enter the "taxi line", the Airport hereby draws attention that hazard to security and public order at the Airport terminal arrivals area will increase.

Following the decision of the Administrative Court, as of 6 September the "taxi line" will be included in the short-term car park P1.

Riga International Airport is the largest air traffic hub in the Baltics. The 20 airlines operating at Riga Airport offer more than 60 destinations in the winter season and almost 90 in the summer season. In 2016, Riga Airport handled over 5.4 million passengers - nearly 45% of the entire Baltic air passenger traffic.


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