Riga Airport – Europe’s most competitive airport in terms of service prices

The Air Transport Research Society (ATRS), having compared the financial data of 200 airports, found Riga International Airport the most competitive airport in Europe in terms of costs and tariff structure per one passenger. In the lowest tariff nomination, the winner was Luxemburg Airport.

“This is a scientifically obtained testimony of the fact that over the years we have followed a targeted and growth-oriented airport development strategy. It has resulted in quadrupled passenger traffic and beneficial business environment for the airlines operating at the airport,” said Aldis Mūrnieks, Chairman of the Board of Riga International Airport.

It should be noted that the ATRS has conducted this annual survey since the year 2002, and Riga Airport has received this prestigious award for the first time.

The survey compares the results of 69 European, 78 North American and 53 Asian airports. In order to identify the world’s most efficient and competitive airports, the comparative analysis of the financial data and pricing policies of the airports included in the survey is performed. The airport performance awards also went to the international airports of Copenhagen (Denmark), Athens (Greece) and Keflavik (Iceland).