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RIX Ground handling acquires a logotype


In order to show more vividly that Riga Airport is providing ground handling services, a new logotype for this airport operation was created.
Gints Gariņš, director of the Ground handling Department, explained that the idea of the necessity of a logotype was conceived in the changing competitive situation when a second groundhandling company appeared at the airport: “The airport groundhandling team must present itself more conspicuously, it must clearly show that we are in the ground handling business and doing an excellent job there, therefore the RIX ground handling identity and brand must be given added strength."

The logotype of SJSC Riga International Airport ground handling services is designed as a combination of Riga Airport logotype, the IATA airport code RIX and an outline of an aircraft wing, the English name of the service – Ground Handling – and its abbreviation GH with an aircraft silhouette within the letter G.

G. Gariņš explained the symbolism of the logotype: „The new brand is designed in such a way as to be associated with Riga International Airport and the stable values represented by it.”

More information about RIX GH can be found here. 


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