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New summer season flights from Riga Airport: Gdansk, Lisbon, Malaga, Kaliningrad, Almaty, Sochi, Split, Bordeaux (AirBaltic), Kutaisi (Wizz Air), Pafa, Burgasa, Girana (Ryanair), Malaga (Primera Air). New airline: Primera Air. Enjoy the flight!


Sightseeing programme for transfer passengers

Riga Tourism Development Bureau (Rīgas Tūrisma attīstības birojs -RTAB) jointly with Jūrmala Tourist Information Centre has produced two booklets for the transfer passengers of Riga International Airport: one contains information on nine tourist attraction objects in Riga and the other - on nine objects in Jūrmala that are worth seeing if the travellers have more than three spare hours in Riga between flights. The texts of the booklets are in English and the first edition of each booklet is 5000 copies. The Russian edition will follow soon.

Sarmīte Bunka-Brilijonka, head of public relations of Riga International Airport, said: „Riga Airport is in favour of this initiative that gives our clients the opportunity to learn more about Latvia and Riga, and, maybe next time making plans about possible holiday destinations they will choose the capital of Latvia.”

The stand with booklets is placed in the transit tunnel. They are also available in the airport Tourist Service Centre “Welcome to Riga! “

The booklets contain information on Riga Aviation Museum, the Freedom Monument, Bastejkalns (the Bastion Mound), Līvu laukums (the Livs’ Square), Rātslaukums (the Town Square), St Peter’s Church, Riga Dome Church and Square, the Castle of Riga and Zviedru vārti (the Swedish Gate). Those who choose to make a trip to Jūrmala are recommended to see the square in front of Majori railway station, the pedestrian street Jomas iela, Jūrmala Town Museum, Horn’s Garden, Dzintari Concert Hall, Kristaps Morberg’s summer house and botanical garden, Jūras iela, the former E. Rācene’s bathing house, Majori sea pavilion and the Tortoise sculpture. The booklets are supplied with maps showing the locations of the objects and suggesting transport solutions.

In January – July 2011 Riga International Airport welcomed 2 953 180 passengers, including 1 121 151 transfer/transit passengers. The biggest flow of transfer passengers at the airport is brought by Latvia’s national carrier airBaltic, that through Riga operates flights to and from destinations in Europe, Scandinavia, the Near East, Russia and the CIS countries.


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