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The airport signs an agreement with SUSTENTO to facilitate PRM services

In order to provide services to passengers with reduced mobility (PRM), Riga International Airport has signed a cooperation agreement with the organisation SUSTENTO. The airport has decided not to commission foreign consultants for this purpose and thus to save no less than 24 thousand euros.

„It is a considerable economy for the airport and a gain for the country in general, because by giving preference to a local organisation instead of a foreign consultant the funds do not flow away from Latvia,” said Arnis Luhse, Chairman of the Board of Riga International Airport.
The cooperation agreement provides for receiving of consultations, drafting of the training programme sections and supply of various visual materials.

Special assistance of the airport personnel is available upon arrival at the airport to people with reduced mobility (in wheelchairs), with hearing and eyesight impairments, with mental conditions or with outwardly undetectable disability and to seniors having difficulties to walk long distances and use stairs.

„Most of the passengers are unaware that they are entitled to the assistance of the airport staff to get to the aircraft – including the emergency occasions – a sudden injury, e.g. if the leg is broken. Besides, this assistance is free of charge,” explained Arnis Luhse.

Ilona Jurševska, Minister of Welfare, pointed out: „Approximately 80 million people with disabilities live in the European Union, in Latvia there are 138 thousand of such people or 6.2 percent of the total population. Therefore, by providing access to the airport environment a significant number of people obtain not only the possibility to get about, but also to socialize, to explore the world, e.g., by travelling to other countries. I am gratified also that the airport cooperates with the Latvian organisation SUSTENTO, because it employs our local experts competent in the matters of environmental accessibility, the professional potential that must be drawn on to achieve progress. It is rewarding indeed to see that the airport sets an example to other countries and, hopefully, other companies in Latvia will appreciate this practice and try to provide equal opportunities to everybody, including the disabled people, to receive services, participate in social life and attend cultural events.”

In order to improve the quality of services, Riga International Airport has purchased the Ambulift for lifting the passengers with reduced mobility on and off the aircraft, arranged training and upgraded the airport infrastructure, built new ramps at the airport buildings, reconstructed the toilet facilities according to the EU standards, modernised and improved the terminal signage, etc.

Photo: Evija Trifanova, LETA


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