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New winter season flights from Riga Airport: Abu Dhabi (AirBaltic), Eilat (Wizz Air), Malta (Ryanair). Enjoy the flight!


New passenger procedure at Riga Airport from 1 January

Starting from 1 January 2012 the departing passengers of the airline Ryanair will pay a security charge of 7 euros* prior to their departure from Riga International Airport.**

Payment can be made:
• while checking in at Riga Airport (payment cards accepted);
• at the RYANAIR ticket office in Riga Airport (cash and payment cards accepted);
• at the airport services office „Welcome to Riga!” (Arrivals sector E – cash and payment cards).

Passengers released from the security charge:
• passengers who have bought their air tickets before 1 January 2012;
• transit and transfer passengers;
• passengers under 2 years of age.

More information:

(+371) 29311187 – for calls from abroad


* Ls 4.92
** The new procedure is implemented under the RL Cabinet Regulation No 823 of 19 October 2011 „On the charges for security and rescue measures carried out on the airfield”
*** Paid call