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A military aircraft lands at Riga Airport

On 8 June a military aircraft C5 Galaxy – one of the biggest airplanes in the world – landed at Riga Airport. The length of C5 Galaxy is 75.54 metres and height - 19.85 metres. This type of aircraft is the only one capable of transporting all kinds of military equipment and vehicles, including helicopters and tanks (maximum take-off weight – 380 000 kilograms).

Thanks to the fact that the cargo holds of the aircraft can be opened both at the back and front, the cargo can be loaded on and off the plane simultaneously.
C5 Galaxy brought the military equipment of the allied forces - armoured vehicles Stryker – to be used in the tactical field training and command post military exercise Saber Strike 2012.

For the first time in Latvia military cargo has been delivered by a plane of this type. Previously such equipment have been transported to the place of military exercise by rail and by land.