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New summer season flights from Riga Airport: Lviv, Stuttgart, Dublin, Kos, Menorca (AirBaltic), Prague (Ryanair). Enjoy the flight!


Introduction of New Services at Riga International Airport

In the project framework a baggage reconciliation system (BRS) has been introduced. The system will ensure that:

• only the bags of the passengers travelling on the respective flight are loaded into the aircraft;
• the risk of baggage being lost or missing the destination is minimised;
• baggage handling is less time-consuming;
• the information on baggage is received and forwarded to the airports of destination.

The BRS system was installed by RESA Airport Data System.

For efficient work of the BRS the wireless area network (Wi-Fi) was introduced for the exchange of information in the entire airport territory. The Wi-Fi network was installed by SIA Maksikoms.

When introducing the BRS and Wi-Fi, the airport personnel were appropriately trained.

Currently an open tender procedure „Purchase of E-gates” is under way. Installation of the electronic security gates will ensure automatic checking of boarding passes and eliminating unintentional or deliberate human errors. E-gates will significantly contribute to the passenger security screening process at the airport.


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