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New summer season flights from Riga Airport: Gdansk, Lisbon, Malaga, Kaliningrad, Almaty, Sochi, Split, Bordeaux (AirBaltic), Kutaisi (Wizz Air), Pafa, Burgasa, Girana (Ryanair), Malaga (Primera Air). New airline: Primera Air. Enjoy the flight!


Aviation Fuel Depot Construction in Progress

Construction of an aviation fuel depot in the airport territory is in progress since this June and is planned to be completed at the beginning of 2013.

With commissioning of the new depot, the third fuel supplier, SIA Naftas Tranzīta Aģents, will start operating at Riga Airport, making the aviation fuel market more open and improving the quality, availability, and price of services rendered to airlines. Currently two aviation fuelling companies are operating in the airport territory – SIA Gulfstream Oil and SIA Latvija Statoil on the basis of long-term agreements with the airport.

Upon completion of the fuel depot construction, until the end of 2013, the airport plans to build a fuel pipe and install fuelling hydrants for aircraft thus ensuring delivery of fuel to aircraft without using land transport that will considerably save the time of fuel supply to aircraft. The new fuel supply system will be the first of its kind in the Baltic states.

The fuel depot will have four tanks, each of a volume of 1500 cubic metres. The new depot will greatly contribute to the overall fuel storage capacity enabling the airport to continue fuelling aircraft even if the fuel supply to the airport is interrupted.


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