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New winter season flights from Riga Airport: Abu Dhabi (AirBaltic), Eilat (Wizz Air), Malta (Ryanair). Enjoy the flight!


airBaltic to Launch Riga- Olbia, Italy

On 4 May 2013, Latvian airline airBaltic will launch a new route from Riga to Olbia on the Italian island of Sardinia. The new route of airBaltic will offer convenient travel between the two airports, and beyond to destinations in the Baltics, Scandinavia, Russia, and the CIS.

airBaltic will fly from Riga to Olbia twice a week in the peak summer season. Passengers will board a Boeing 737-300 aircraft for a flight that will last for 3 hours and 10 minutes. One-way ticket prices will start at LVL 59 (EUR 85), including airport fees and transaction costs. A full schedule of airBaltic flights can be found on the company's homepage at www.airbaltic.com