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New summer season flights from Riga Airport: Gdansk, Lisbon, Malaga, Kaliningrad, Almaty, Sochi, Split, Bordeaux (AirBaltic), Kutaisi (Wizz Air), Pafa, Burgasa, Girana (Ryanair), Malaga (Primera Air). New airline: Primera Air. Enjoy the flight!


Contract on Expansion of the Airport Passenger Terminal Awarded

A decision has been made on the results of the restricted tender procedure „Expansion of SJSC Riga International Airport Passenger Terminal, Stage 5 – Northern Pier, Construction Stage 1”. The tender of the building company SIA „Skonto Būve” was selected as fully compliant with the terms of reference of the tender procedure and most economically advantageous.

The capacity of the existing terminal was planned to provide good quality services to 3.5 million passengers per year, whereas now the airport welcomes 4.7 million passengers annually. This calls for expansion of the airport facilities in order to ensure adequate handling to the airlines and better comfort and services to passengers. 

The 5th stage of the airport terminal development envisages expansion of the non-Schengen area and four new boarding gates that will improve the airport’s service quality. The new pier will also be able to accommodate larger aircraft thus increasing the airport’s capacity. At the second phase of Stage 5, the pier will house new commercial facilities offering passengers a wider choice of services.

Expansion of the terminal is important for increasing of the competitiveness of SJSC Riga International Airport in Europe. It will be crucial in attraction of new airlines to start operations at Riga Airport as well as for boosting of the existing carriers’ business, contributing to the growth of Riga Airport as the leading air traffic hub in the Baltics.

According to the current forecasts, Riga Airport is expected to attain the passenger turnover target of 5 million not later than by the year 2017.
The airport will implement this project within the framework of its business activities, funding it from its income and credit resources attracted on favourable terms.


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