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New winter season flights from Riga Airport: Abu Dhabi (AirBaltic), Eilat (Wizz Air), Malta (Ryanair). Enjoy the flight!


Riga Airport wins the Silver Category in Sustainability Index 2014!

The assessment is focused on five main activity areas: strategy, community, environment, market relations and work environment. This year, the Airport has repeatedly won the Silver Category with the highest assessment received in market relations (77.2%).

Every component of the Sustainability Index is contemplated from the following aspects: management (policies, processes, principles, goals etc.), accounting for 30% of the total assessment result, integration (decision making, responsibilities, training, involvement of stakeholders) – 25 %, actual performance and influence – 40 %. The assessment also takes into account other awards (prizes, certificates of merit etc.), adding 5 % to the total score.