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New summer season flights from Riga Airport: Gdansk, Lisbon, Malaga, Kaliningrad, Almaty, Sochi, Split, Bordeaux (AirBaltic), Kutaisi (Wizz Air), Pafa, Burgasa, Girana (Ryanair), Malaga (Primera Air). New airline: Primera Air. Enjoy the flight!


Riga Airport was Explored by 37 ‘Shadows’

Within the framework of the Shadow Day on February 12 Riga International Airport was explored by 37 students through insight into 18 different positions and the general operation of the company.

Kaspars Vecens (Kaspars Večens) (Riga State German Grammar School, Grade 10E) says, “Riga Airport left a very good impression as I learned many new things during the day, for instance, the take-off and landing of the aircraft on the apron. It was especially exciting to visit the big cargo plane Boeing 747 and the cockpit.”

We are glad that young people appreciate what they have experienced on the Shadow Day and the opportunity to see how the working day goes at the airport. It gives them food for thought when planning their career and choosing areas to study, maybe even considering their future in aviation.
We would like to thank everyone who took part in the Shadow Day 2014 project development and made this day a nice adventure for the potential aviation experts!



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