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A new lighting system in Riga Airport aerodrome

Since 5 March, at the aerodrome of Riga International Airport the newly constructed CAT II lighting system has been officially put into operation. It will greatly contribute to flight safety and help reduce to minimum the diversion of flights to other airports in bad weather conditions.

“Certification of the aerodrome for the lighting complying with CAT II will improve the airport service provided to airlines and passengers significantly reducing the number of flights diverted to alternative aerodromes due to adverse weather conditions,” said Andris Liepiņš, Chairman of the Board of Riga International Airport. “It is an essential precondition for boosting of the airport’s competitiveness and attraction of new airlines.”

The airport will be able to accept incoming flights if the visibility in the aerodrome is below 300m, whereas the departing flights will be allowed to take off at the visibility below 250m. CAT II lighting system was constructed within the framework of the EU cohesion Fund co-financed project “Development of Riga International Airport Infrastructure”.


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