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New winter season flights from Riga Airport: Abu Dhabi (AirBaltic), Eilat (Wizz Air), Malta (Ryanair). Enjoy the flight!


At the end of journey

If the airline and airport meets all your needs in accordance with your booking, then your journey should be as comfortable as anyone else’s. But if things do go wrong, it is worth notifying the problems promptly to the relevant bodies.

We want you to be fully satisfied with our PRM assistance service.
Should you have any complaints, suggestions or comments in relation to the service, please let us know it by filling in a feedback form here.
Our customer service staff will respond to your queries and comments.

For flights within the European Union or provided by an EU airline, you should complain in the first instance to the managing body of the airport concerned or to the air carrier concerned, or to the tour operator if you do not know the air carrier. If you are not satisfied with the way your complaint is handled through these channels, you can complain to the National Enforcement Body for the country concerned. A list of contacts for such bodies in the European Union is published on the European Commission website.

For airports and air carriers outside the EU you should follow the same procedure but you may not have the same level of legal redress. If you are not satisfied with the response you receive, then you may want to consider taking it up with the aviation authority or the Ministry of Transport in your country.

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