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Restrictions Regarding the Lithium Batteries

According to the document of the International Civil Aviation Organization “Technical Instruction for the Safe Transport of Dangerous Goods by Air " (Doc 9284), restrictions are imposed on the appliances powered with batteries or accumulators.
Passengers are allowed to carry in their baggage  the appliances, powered with lithium-ion batteries of 100 Wh or less. Spares or separate batteries for such appliances can be carried only in carry-on baggage, safely packed in order to prevent short circuit (e.g. placed in a plastic bag or with battery terminals wrapped in an insulating tape).

If electronic appliances containing lithium-ion batteries (e.g. photo cameras, mobile phones, laptops, tablets etc.) are carried in the hold baggage, they must be switched off and protected against random switching on during the flight.

The appliances powered by lithium-ion batteries with more than 100Wh, and less than 160 Wh, as well as spare batteries for such appliances, can be carried with the airline’s special permission only.

Additional information at: http://www.iata.org/whatwedo/cargo/dgr/Pages/dgr-guidance.aspx

Lithium batteries


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