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New summer season flights from Riga Airport: Lviv, Stuttgart, Dublin, Kos, Menorca (AirBaltic), Prague (Ryanair). Enjoy the flight!


Questions and Answers

What documents are required for flying?

  •  Identification types can vary depending on the destination of your flight. Please, contact your chosen tourism operator or airline to receive more detailed information.
  •  In case of any uncertainties about the required documents, please, contact the border inspection post – T: 67207308;  
  •      Additional information is available in the section of our homepage -  Documents for travelling.

What to do in case of lost property?

  •  For information about lost items at the Airport, please contact Riga Airport Information Office or call 1817* (for calls from abroad (+371) 29311817)).
  •  In the case, if you have left your belongings on the plane, you have to contact the respective airline.
  •  In cases of lost/delayed luggage you can contact the luggage service of Riga International Airport:
    T: 67 207 236


*Pay call

In the case of damaged luggage we recommend you to address your insurance company or your chosen airline. What items I am not allowed to bring on a plane?
You can become acquainted with the list of prohibited items and security requirements of the airport in this section

When do I have to arrive to check-in for my flight?

  •  The check-in starting time depends on requirements set by the respective airline.
  •  The official check-in starting time is 2 hours before the departure, in separate cases 1.5 - 1 hour before the departure. Check-in usually closes 30 - 40 min. before the departure. Later your check-in and, therefore, your departure can be denied

What are the opening hours of the airport?
The airport is open 24 hours a day.

Where should I apply in relation to assistance for passengers with movement difficulties?

  •  To receive assistance, please, inform the airline about your needs already when booking a ticket for a flight, not later than 48 hours before the departure.
  •  If you have not done it, immediately after arriving at the airport call the PRM assistance service (+371) 800 00 190 or visit the Information office that is located in the airport terminal, on the 2nd floor of the public area.
  •  Additional information is available in the section of our homepage - Assistance to passengers with movement difficulties.

 What are the rights and obligations of a passenger?



You can become acquainted with the rights and obligations of a passenger here




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