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Attention! You can enter Latvia only for urgent reasons! You can enter Latvia only if you have a negative Covid-19 test, which was performed by the PCR method and passed no earlier than 72 hours before boarding the plane! Before entering Latvia, fill in the e-confirmation on the website! When entering Latvia from third countries (countries outside the European Union and the European Economic Area, Switzerland and the United Kingdom) you must perform a repeated Covid-19 test immediately after entering! When entering from countries where the cumulative 14-day incidence rate of COVID-19 per 100,000 population exceeds 50, mandatory 10-day self-isolation must be observed, even if there is a negative Covid-19 test! The list of countries can be found at

Year 2014


Riga Airport recognized as the most competitive enterprise in Europe in terms of service prices

The Air Transport Research Society (ATRS) compared financial data of 200 airports and determined RIGA International Airport to be the most competitive airport in Europe, based on the cost and fare structure per passenger. The winner in the lowest fare nomination was Luxembourg Airport.

“This scientific evaluation proves that, over the years, we have chosen to focus on an evolution-oriented airport development strategy and, as a result, the number of passengers serviced by us has increased four times and a favourable environment for airlines operating at the airport has been created” said Aldis Mūrnieks, Chairman of the Board of RIGA International Airport.

The study compared 69 European, 78 North American and 53 Asian airports. A comparative analysis of the financial and pricing policies of the airports included in the study was carried out to determine the most efficient and most competitive airports in the world. Copenhagen (Denmark), Athens (Greece) and Keflavik (Iceland) international airports also won the awards for airport efficiency.

Riga Airport acquires the Silver Category in the Sustainability Index 2014

Riga Airport acquires the Silver Category in the Sustainability Index 2014!!

The evaluation addresses five key areas of activity: strategy, society, environment, market relations and the working environment. The airport acquired the silver category again this year, with the highest rating in the market relations section (77.2%).

Each section of the Sustainability Index evaluates the following aspects: management (policies, processes, principles, objectives, etc.) accounting for 30% of the overall score, integration (decision-making, responsible persons, training, stakeholder involvement) accounting for 25% of the overall score, and actual performance and impact, accounting for 40% of the overall score. The assessment also takes into account other awards (certificates, acknowledgements, etc.) representing 5% of the total score.