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Attention! From January 15, you are able to enter Latvia only if you have a negative Covid-19 test! Before entering Latvia or travelling in transit, fill in the e-confirmation on! Regular flights to/from non-European countries that are not on the European Commission's list of safe countries, are not permitted. Those who have arrived from the countries, for which the cumulative number of COVID-19 exceeds 50, must self-isolate for 10 days upon arrival in Latvia even if the Covid-19 test result is negative. The list of countries is published on

ERDF Financed Projects


New Services at Riga International Airport



On 19 August 2011, SJSC Investment and Development Agency of Latvia and SJSC Riga International Airport (“the Airport”) signed an agreement on the implementation of the project „Introduction of new services at Riga International Airport” (“the Project”).



Extension of the range of Airport services by introducing new aviation security solutions.

The following activities have been implemented within the Project framework:

  1. Installation of electronic security gates (e-gates) ensuring automatic clearance of boarding passes, thus preventing any deliberate or unintentional human errors.
  2. Implementation of the Baggage Reconciliation System (BRS) providing:
    • transportation of baggage on the same flight with its owner and compliance with the necessary security measures;
    • minimized possibility of baggage being mislaid or not reaching the destination;
    • shorter baggage handling time;
    • baggage information being received by the Airport and forwarded to the airport of destination.
  3. Installation of the wireless data transmission network (Wi-Fi) to enable BRS data receipt and transmission operations.

4. Within the Project framework, 75 employees were trained to operate the installed equipment.

Total costs of the Project are LVL 381 309.00, of which attributable costs are LVL 370 404.70. ERDF co-finances 35% of the Project attributable costs or LVL129 641.64. The rest of the Project funding is provided by the Airport.

The Project was completed on 19 October 2012.

The Project was implemented under the Operational Programme 2 „Entrepreneurship and Innovation”, Priority 2.1 „Science and Innovation”, Measure 2.1.2 „Innovation”, Activity „Development of New Products and Technologies”, Sub-activity „Development of New Products and Technologies – Aid for Implementation of New Products and Technologies in Production”.