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Environmental Noise




The people’s economic activities often have a significant impact on the environment and the population. The aircraft handled at Riga International Airport generate noise that affects the communities living in the areas around the airport.


Airports Noise Map and Noise Monitoring

Although the airport’s own operations do not generate significant direct noise levels, the aircraft of various airlines daily arriving at and departing from the airport create noise emissions. Therefore the environmental noise emissions are the airport’s indirect impact on the environment.

The Airport Noise Map comprises the data on the territories exposed to the noise from aircraft, population numbers, various public institutions and noise thresholds in those territories. The purpose of the map is:

  • To raise the public awareness on the noise generated by the aircraft handled at the airport;
  • To collect data for drafting the airport’s noise abatement action plan;
  • To provide information to the European Commission on the environmental noise in the territory of Latvia.

Regular monitoring of the noise generated by aircraft provides updated information on the areas affected by the noise and allows to take proactive measures to minimize the aircraft noise.


Noise Abatement Action Plan

Riga International Airport Noise Abatement Action Plan outlines the actions RIX will take to ensure that it operates responsibly to manage the impact of aircraft noise on local comunity.

The activities of the Action Plan envisage the change of the aircraft flight paths in such a way that the number of the residents exposed to the excess noise  generated by aircraft is reduced, the differentiation of the aircraft flight procedure according to their certified noise level, assessment of the aircraft training flight procedure and relocation of the environmental noise monitoring station from Babīte Village to Spilve Village. Action Plan also envisage the accreditation of the Airport Environmental Noise Laboratory and publishing of the measurement results of the environmental noise monitoring stations as of May 2014.

The working group of the Action Plan was comprised of the representatives of the Ministry of Transport, the Ministry of Environmental Protection and Regional Development, SA Civil Aviation Agency, Riga International Airport,  the air control authority VAS “Latvijas Gaisa satiksme”, the local governments of Babīte and Mārupe regional communities, under the supervision of the director of SA Civil Aviation Agency Māris Gorodcovs. The public discussions of the Action Plan were conducted, in the course of which two meetings with the residents were held. The residents’ proposals are summarized and assessed in Annex 26 of the Action Plan.

The newest Action Plan has been approved on 10 December 2018.


RIX Environmental Noise Laboratory

Riga International Airport is the only airport in the Baltics providing noise measurement services to everybody who is interested in these matters.

Noise measurement services are provided by the Environmental Noise Laboratory of the airport’s Quality Assurance Department and it is accredited in conformity with the effective laws and regulations - The Latvian National Accreditation Bureau on 5 June 2014 accredited the Laboratory in conformity with LVS EN ISO/IEC17025:2005 standard of environmental noise measurement.

The primary goal of the Environmental Noise Laboratory is to ensure efficient monitoring of the environmental noise generated by aircraft. Apart from this, the airport offers the services of the laboratory and consultations regarding environmental noise management to all the interested parties. 

In order to apply for a service, please download the application form, complete it and send it  by e-mail to


If you have any queries, please contact

Jānis Brižs

Technical manager of the Laboratory.
Tel.: +371 670 60 435