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Corporate Social Responsibility



Being aware of the dimensions of its responsibility, Riga Airport has defined the areas of its corporate social responsibility and public investment policy.


The Airport supports the following areas:

  • well-being of the local community;
  • environmental protection;
  • human resources development;
  • development of entrepreneurship and tourism in Latvia.


Cooperation projects

Principles of public support policy: financial support and transparent process.

Types of support: financial support and voluntary work.

Recipients of the support: organisations and institutions the activities or projects of which are in line with the priority areas of support defined in the Airport's Investment Policy.

Religious organisations, persons and organisations related to politics are not supported.

Project application procedure

To apply for Airport support, please fill in the form below and send it to the following e-mail address:

A completed application form should be submitted by 30 June and by 30 November.

Examination of applications

  • All applications, which correspond to the priority areas and criteria defined in the Airport’s Corporate Social Responsibility and Social Investment Policy, are evaluated every six months by a special Airport working group consisting of one representative of the company’s management, two representatives of the Communication Unit and one representative of the Finance Department.
  • The Airport informs the recipients of the supported projects.

Donation strategy

The Airport examines each application for donation (gift) individually, in accordance with the applicable laws and regulations and taking into account the available financial resources.

Granting of donations (gifts):

  • The granting of donations (gifts) is an integral part of the Airport's corporate social responsibility and public investment policy;
  • Donation (gifting) projects are charity that may take the form of free assistance in various public activities, in accordance with the applicable laws and regulations for which a donation (gift) agreement is entered into;
  • Donation project applications must be sent electronically to Project applications are considered and a response is provided within two months of receipt of the application.


Contact information:

Laura Kulakova

Head of the Communication Unit

T: 67207694

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