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Arrival and Departure




If PRM Assistance is booked when purchasing the ticket, the carrier concerned will promptly inform the PRM Assistance Team of Riga Airport on the need to provide the specialised service. If the ticket is purchased later than 48 hours before the scheduled flight, the PRM Assistance Team will promptly receive information on the need to provide the service, following a personal application by the PRM passenger at the Airport.

Upon arrival at the Airport, a member of the PRM Assistance Team will meet the PRM passenger and provide all the necessary assistance both at the check-in and at the security checkpoint, and will accompany the passenger to his or her seat in the aircraft.


Security screening is mandatory for all passengers at Riga Airport. PRM passengers also need to have a security check before going to the aircraft, paying particular attention to the mobility equipment and any medications that are taken on board the aircraft.

All mobility equipment, including wheelchairs, is thoroughly checked. In order to facilitate the screening process, a PRM passenger may, when applying for the service, specify the information on the mobility equipment to be used during the trip.

PRM passengers may also be checked manually. If the passenger wishes to be checked discreetly, he or she can request to be taken to a separate check room.


There is a restriction on carrying liquids on board the aircraft, and the volume of one container must not exceed 100 ml; all the separate units must be inserted in a zip-line transparent plastic 1-litre bag. This restriction, however, does not apply to PRM passengers, subject to a prior permission from the airline and Riga Airport, and on the condition that the passenger can present an explanatory document (e.g. a doctor’s letter or a prescription).
PRM passengers may be requested to sit on another chair while their wheelchair is being checked.

If you have breathing difficulties and require supplementary oxygen for the duration of the flight, the airline may provide supplementary oxygen. Some airlines will make a charge for this service. Some airlines will allow you to carry your own oxygen – you should always check with your airline beforehand. Airlines are not required to carry oxygen for first aid purposes although many do. They are only required to carry oxygen for passenger use after a cabin depressurisation and in medical emergencies.


PRM passengers cannot use their own wheelchair on board the aircraft since the aisles between the seats are too narrow. The Airport PRM staff will use special equipment to help the passenger to get to his or her seat. Passengers may use their own wheelchair to get to the boarding sector and/or the aircraft door.





The airline concerned will inform Riga Airport PRM Assistance Team on arriving passengers who have booked the PRM Assistance, and the PRM Assistance Team will make all the necessary arrangements to meet the passenger and provide the necessary assistance.


The Airport’s Assistance Team can use special equipment (a wheelchair, narrow aisle wheelchair, ambulift, etc.) to ensure that a PRM passenger can conveniently disembark the aircraft.


A member of the PRM Assistance Team will meet the PRM passenger and provide all the necessary assistance in the Airport terminal (passport control, baggage reclaim, etc.), as well as help with finding the meeters and greeters, and, if necessary, with getting to any point of further travel (a bus stop, car park, taxi stop in the Airport territory).

DAMAGED OR DELAYED BAGAGGE (mobility aids - wheelchair, crutches, etc.)

If it is found that arriving passenger's baggage (mobility equipment) has not arrived or has been broken, the Airport will provide temporary replacement of the equipment until the passenger’s mobility equipment is returned.

SERVICE ANIMALS (assistance dogs)

The Airport provides PRM service to passengers travelling with a certified, recognized service dog accepted by the airline for the flight. Information on the carriage of assistance dogs will be provided by each airline individually.