Being aware of its responsibility to control the spread of COVID-19 and to ensure the safety of passengers, employees and partners, Riga Airport has implemented a comprehensive epidemiological safety programme #ForbidTheVirusFromTravelling. It provides a set of measures for the protection of the Airport and Airport employees and the safe handling of passengers in order to minimize the risks of the spread of COVID-19. In developing the programme, the Airport has consulted with Latvian health authorities and taken into account the recommendations of international aviation organizations.

Currently, minimal measures to limit the spread of Covid-19 are in force in Latvia, and a Covid-19 certificate or a negative test is not required upon entry, except if you are entering from a high-risk country.

What does a high-risk country mean?
If a traveller’s Covid-19 test result is positive, will they be allowed to enter Latvia in order to return home?
What restrictions are set in Latvia?
What epidemiological safety measures should be followed at the Airport?
Is it possible to take COVID-19 test at the Airport?
Are there any restrictions on the presence of persons meeting and seeing off passengers in the terminal premises?
Is it possible to spend the night at the Airport when travelling in transit?
If my flight is very early in the morning, can I arrive at the Airport late the night before and spend the night at the terminal?
In which cases can I be denied flight?
What are the restrictions on entering other countries?
How can I cancel/change my flight or get my money back?
Can I settle the issue of changing tickets at the Airport?
How to contact airBaltic?