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Sustainable Travel


Thanks to the modern technologies and airport facilities, travel can now become more environmentally friendly.
Take advantage of smartphones – download your boarding passes or use airline mobile apps.

In aviation, safety is always first, so all liquids with a capacity of up to 100 ml must be placed in a clear plastic bag before travel. At Riga Airport, bags for liquid packaging are available free of charge in the preparation area before security checks. Save it also for your way back home. If you plan another trip soon – use this bag for this trip as well!

To reduce the amount of plastic, use a refillable water bottle when you go to the Airport. In the preparation area of Riga Airport, you will be able to conveniently pour out the contents of the bottle before the security check, if it is full before the security check; after the security check, you will be able to refill the water at one of the specialized water intake points.

Separate waste collection bins have been set up throughout the Riga Airport terminal. Dispose of what you do not need in the correct compartment of the waste container.

Coffee is one of the most popular and most consumed beverages at airports. All cafés at Riga Airport offer an opportunity to buy coffee in customer's own thermo mug; Costa Coffee and Narvesen also offer a discount for this hot drink if you have purchased it in your mug.