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Attention! According to the regulations of the Cabinet of Ministers, from September 21 till September 28, 2020 regular passenger flights are not allowed from/to Spain, Andorra, France and the Czech Republic, as well as non-European countries that are not on the European Commission's list of safe countries! Those who have arrived from the countries, for which the cumulative number of COVID-19 cases per 100 000 people exceeds 16, must self-isolate for 10 days upon arrival in Latvia. The list of countries is published on

Travelling with pets



If you want to travel with your four-legged friend, first read carefully the rules of the chosen carrier, the requirements of the European Union for travelling with pets and the requirements of the specific country to which you plan to travel, especially if it is not a European Union country.


Please note that not all airlines allow you to carry pets – before buying tickets check it with all the carriers whose services you plan to use during the flight!

Each airline may have its own rules for travelling with pets. These include the carriage of pets in aircraft cabin, travel restrictions for certain breeds of dogs, requirements for transport containers, their size and equipment, etc. Before travelling with a pet or sending a pet unaccompanied, please read the airline's rules carefully on its website or call the airline. Contact information of the airlines working at Riga Airport is available here.

In order to travel, pets need various documents – the European Union pet passport or another document depending on the species and transport requirements. There is a number of vaccinations required and pets must be identifiable – marked with a microchip or otherwise depending on the species.

Find out more about the requirements for travelling with pets in the European Union on the Food and Veterinary Office's website. Before travelling, we also recommend that you acquaint yourself with the requirements for travelling with a pet to a specific country. This may be done at the diplomatic mission of the country concerned.

The loud and noisy environment of the Airport, various smells and sounds, a large number of strangers these all are very stressful factors for pets, so for the safety of the pet and its surroundings, both at Riga Airport and during the flight, pets must be kept in a transport container or bag that is well ventilated, which cannot be escaped and which is waterproof.

During the security check, pets must be taken out of their transport container/bag.