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Attention! According to the regulations of the Cabinet of Ministers, from September 21 till September 28, 2020 regular passenger flights are not allowed from/to Spain, Andorra, France and the Czech Republic, as well as non-European countries that are not on the European Commission's list of safe countries! Those who have arrived from the countries, for which the cumulative number of COVID-19 cases per 100 000 people exceeds 16, must self-isolate for 10 days upon arrival in Latvia. The list of countries is published on

Video, photo & questionnaires



Any commercial or non-commercial activities (filming, photography, surveys) in the Riga International Airport and in its territory should be approved by authorities of the airport.



Filming and photography

Filming and photography for non-commercial needs should be approved by the Communication Unit at least five working days in advance. When you create news materials, this should also be authorised by the Communication Unit. Mass media representatives can do this on the same day.

Filming and photography for commercial needs (if the created material is intended for gaining profit) should be approved by the Commercial Department at least 10 days in advance, by completing an application form online. An agreement shall be concluded about commercial filming and photography in the airport territory. If filming or photography is made by a group, where the number of participants is more than three, a written application is required.

To apply for filming or photography, you should complete the application form




Any surveys in the airport territory should be approved by the Communication Unit at least five working days in advance by completing an application form online. Thus, you are committed to submit the results of your survey to the Communication Unit within 15 days after its completion. You can discuss the date of submission of survey results in person, when needed.

To apply for a surveying, you should complete the application form!

If any of the above mentioned actions takes places in the territory of the airport without a prior approval, the Airport Security Service is entitled to prohibit these unapproved actions.