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Attention! From January 12, if you are vaccinated or recovered from Covid-19 and have an EU digital Covid-19 certificate, you no longer need a negative test to enter Latvia from the United Kingdom, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Belgium, Ireland, Germany or Russia! Find out more here!


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In the first six months of 2009 the number of passengers welcomed at Riga International Airport has grown by approximately 10 per cent year on year. In the first half of the year Riga International.. read more
In the end of this August, RIGA International Airport has opened already a second playground for its younger travelers. The new kids’ room welcomes those transit passengers, who are still below the.. read more
Following a sharp passenger count increase as well as the need to gradually renew the bus fleet, the “Rīga” Airport has purchased and today has put into operation four new busses resulting from an.. read more
Today, Riga International Airport opened the final remaining border which separated Latvia from the other 24 Schengen Treaty member states. From March 30, border control of travel between Schengen.. read more
By its decision of 29 September 2009 the Cabinet of Ministers has ordered the RL Ministry of Transport by 31 December 2009 to issue information on the solutions of the short- and long-term development.. read more
Following the resolution of the International Air Transport Association and its strategy of simplifying the business, RIGA International Airport has introduced the system of bar-coded boarding passes.. read more
In 2009 the state-run JSC RIGA International Airport forecasts more than four million passengers, 25 million lats in turnover and from 1,5 to 2 million lats in profit. The trends in the passenger.. read more
Today, on October 17th, RIGA International Airport during a special ceremony has opened a runaway that without limitations can accept the airplanes of any size and type. This means that of one of the.. read more
RIGA International Airport has drafted and presented to the Ministry of Transport an information report for the Cabinet of Ministers on the tender procedure for attracting a private partner in which.. read more
The state-run JSC Riga International Airport has made a decision to continue the talks with TAV Airport/Skonto būve about the establishing of a joint enterprise for the further development of the Riga.. read more
In August 2009 Riga International Airport welcomed 428 thousand passengers or 8.9 percent more than in August 2008. It was the second month in the history of Riga Airport when the passenger turnover.. read more
As of 26 October, when the winter flight schedule enters into force, 562 regular flights to 61 direct destinations will be available at RIGA International Airport. read more
A new record has been achieved in the history of RIGA International Airport – more than 15 000 passengers handled in one day. The number of travellers in the Easter holidays rose by one quarter to.. read more
Riga International Airport in 2011 welcomed half a million passengers more than in the previous year breaking another record of passenger traffic in a calendar year. „By handling five million.. read more
Last year 68 thousand flights were performed from Riga International Airport to 82 destinations, of which most popular were London, Oslo, Helsinki and Stockholm. read more
The European Commission on 25 July approved the Cohesion Fund (CF) co-financed project „Riga International Airport Infrastructure Development”, the goal of which was to improve the conditions on the.. read more
This year Riga International Airport has provided services to 4.4 million travellers or 60 percent of the entire number of passenger traffic handled by Vilnius, Tallinn and Riga airports. In.. read more
On 1st January 2012 a new procedure will be introduced regarding the collection of the charge on the security measures implemented at the airport. All the airlines operating at Riga Airport, with the.. read more
The new security charge collection procedure from RYANAIR passengers has been introduced without any problems, said Aldis Mūrnieks, member of the board of Riga International Airport. He reminded that.. read more
Today, on 18 July, Riga International Airport welcomed its seven millionth transit/transfer passenger since the restoration of Latvia’s independence – Hari Adhikari, who arrived at the airport on an.. read more