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Attention! From January 12, if you are vaccinated or recovered from Covid-19 and have an EU digital Covid-19 certificate, you no longer need a negative test to enter Latvia from the United Kingdom, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Belgium, Ireland, Germany or Russia! Find out more here!

Meet and assist


Meet and assist

Includes individual service for departing and arriving passengers. The service must be pre-booked (24 h before the expected time of the service).

Meet and assist is provided to:

  • parents with small children (1–2 adults + 3 children); 
  • elderly passengers having no mobility problems;
  • passengers who may face difficulties in finding their way around the airport;
  • passengers having a language barrier, etc.

Complex service (handling passengers and baggage)

The airport staff will meet arriving passengers at the aircraft, accompany them to their car (short-term car park P1), as well as will deliver their baggage from the arrivals hall to their car (short-term car park P1). In its turn, departing passengers will be met at the information office and accompanied to their aircraft, and their baggage will be delivered to the departures hall. 
Price (with VAT):
individual (1–2 adults + 3 children) – 40.00 EUR 
group (3–10) – 100.00 EUR 
group (11–25) – 250.00 EUR 
group (26–50) – 360.00 EUR

Meeting (handling passengers)

Accompanied by airport staff the passenger will quickly and precisely get to the necessary place (when departing – to the aircraft, when arriving – to the car park (short-term car park P1)).
Price (with VAT):
individual (1–2 adults + 3 children) – 25.00 EUR 
group (3–10) – 65.00 EUR 
group (11–25) – 160.00 EUR 
group (26–50) – 250.00 EUR  

Baggage transportations (baggage handling)

We ensure delivery of your baggage to the departures hall, as well as from the arrivals hall to passenger’s car (short-term car park P1).
Price (with VAT):
individual (1–2 adults + 3 children) – 20.00 EUR 
group (3–10) – 60.00 EUR
group (11–25) – 120.00 EUR 
group (26–50) – 165.00 EUR

Contact information

On workdays: from 9:00 to 17:00
Phone (+371) 67207136