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Attention travelers! From October 21 till November 14 a special restrictions on movement are in force in Latvia! Learn more here!

Wi-FI and Phone



Airport offers passengers to use wireless Internet across the terminal free of charge.

It is very simple to connect to the wireless Internet. If you use a computer or a mobile phone, you need to connect to network “RIX-Free – WiFi”, open your browser and after a short ad you will be able to open the website you want to visit. Free Internet can be used unlimited time in any place in the terminal (in departure sectors, in the check-in sector, in arrival sectors and in other places).


You have the possibility to call, using our Skype phone located in Visitor Centre on floor 1 of the terminal (working hours: 24/7). Costs of the Skype phone conversations include the price of the service EUR 1.50 + connection fee per minute depending on the country, which you call.

Forgot to print out your boarding card?

If you forgot to print out your boarding pass and need access to Internet, please use Visitor Centre on floor 1 of the terminal (working hours: 24/7), where you can use Internet and print out your boarding pass for a fee.