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Attention to travellers from Ukraine! If you are not vaccinated or recovered from Covid-19, from Wednesday, September 22, when entering Latvia, you must repeat a Covid-19 test! Leran more here!

RIX Souvenirs


Look at our souvenirs and buy them at airport's Visitor Centre in arrival sector E on floor 1 of the airport terminal.

Thermo mug , EUR 5.50 Thermo mug, EUR 5.50 Thermo mug, EUR 5.50
Cup with a spoon, EUR 7.20 Coloured mug RIX, EUR 5.50 Set of pencils, EUR 2.00
Airplane shaped paper clips, EUR 7.00 USB 8GB, EUR 9.90 Coloring book, EUR 1.00
Travel pillow, EUR 5.00  Travel pillow, EUR 5.00  Umbrella long, EUR 10.00
Umbrella short, EUR 12.00 Reflector, EUR 2.20 Reflector, EUR 2.20
Coloured socks, EUR 6.00 Coloured socks, EUR 6.00 Coaster, EUR 1.50
Pen metal, EUR 1.00 Touchscreen pen, EUR 1.00 Headphones, EUR 5.00
Mobile phone holder, EUR 3.50   Mobile phone holder, EUR 3.50 Bracelet with a pendant, EUR 7.00
Magnet, EUR 2.20 LED bracelet, EUR 5.50 Phone charger, EUR 12.50
RIX bag, EUR 4.00 Baggage tag, EUR 0.80 Airplane pin, EUR 11.00
Anti-stress plane, EUR 1.50 Key chain, EUR 7.00