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Attention! You can enter Latvia only for urgent reasons! You can enter Latvia only if you have a negative Covid-19 test, which was performed by the PCR method and passed no earlier than 72 hours before boarding the plane! Before entering Latvia, fill in the e-confirmation on the website! When entering Latvia from third countries (countries outside the European Union and the European Economic Area, Switzerland and the United Kingdom) you must perform a repeated Covid-19 test immediately after entering! When entering from countries where the cumulative 14-day incidence rate of COVID-19 per 100,000 population exceeds 50, and any third country, mandatory 10-day self-isolation must be observed, even if there is a negative Covid-19 test! The list of countries can be found at



Classic service for a VIP passenger, one-way – 170.00 EUR


Classic service for several VIP passengers, one-way

  • For the first passenger – 170.00 EUR
  • For each next passenger – 130.00 EUR

Classic service for one or more VIP passengers, two-way – 250.00 EUR


Express service for a VIP passenger, one-way – EUR 100.00


Services to a transit VIP passenger upon arrival/departure – EUR 185.00
The time between flights shall not exceed two hours


Services to VIP passengers of a private flight, one-way – EUR 180.00


VIP Gold /card/

  • Use of VIP services by person who will present the card 10 times 
    during the year from the date of card purchase – EUR 1250.00



VIP Gold+ /card/

  • Use of VIP services by person who will present the card 50 times 
    during the year from the date of card purchase – EUR 6000.00



VIP Platinum /card/

  • Unlimited number of VIP services to a natural person
    during the year from the date of card purchase – EUR 5000.00



Gift card

  • One-time use of the Classic service of the VIP Centre – EUR 140.00



Last minute application

  • Booking of a VIP services less than two hours before the provision of the service extra – EUR 100.00



Rental of premises of the VIP Centre per hour

  • Oscar (20 m2, 6 seats) – EUR 100.00
  • Romeo (28 m2, 10 seats) – EUR 100.00
  • Tango (53 m2, 20 seats) – EUR 130.00
  • Juliet (45 m2, 22 seats) – EUR 130.00
  • November (66 m2, 25 seats)  – EUR 150.00 
  • Conference hall (88 m2, max. 60 persons)
    EUR 150.00
    1–4 h  – EUR 350.00
    8 h  – 500.00 EUR



Discounts on prices of services of the VIP Centre

  • Children aged less than two years – EUR 0.00
  • Children aged from two to 12 years – EUR 100.00
  • For groups of passengers over 30 persons – EUR 100.00  / per person



Please pay attention!

  • The prices refer to the stay of the passenger in the VIP Centre during two hours before the planned time of departure or two hours after the actual time of arrival
  • For any stay not according to this rule payment will be calculated for the rental of premises according to the pricelist
  • No fee is calculated, if flights are delayed due to weather or technical problems with aircrafts
  • The airport reserves the right to refuse to provide the service