RIX Ground Handling (RIX GH) is an operational department of RIX Riga Airport, offering full ground handling services for all airlines at Riga Airport. 
We are capable of serving all sizes of passenger and cargo aircraft, including scheduled and chartered passenger flights, regular and chartered cargo flights, ad-hoc private and business aviation flights.
All our operations are performed according to three main principles of RIX GH – safety , efficiency and punctuality.  As an ISO 9001 / ISO 14001 certified ground handler, we continuously incorporate the highest EU and international aviation industry safety standards into our ground handling processes to meet and exceed airline requirements. Our highly trained staff will always make sure to match ground handling processes with our airline customers’ needs in the ever changing and demanding air transport market.

Passenger Flights
We have experience working with almost all types of passenger aircraft. A significant part of our business is servicing seasonal charter flight airlines.
Cargo Aircraft
RIX Riga Airport offers an integrated transport network (air, sea, road and railway) with fast and direct access to the Baltic, Eastern European and Scandinavian market.
State/ Military Flights
The service quality and amenities offered by RIX GH are appreciated not only by commercial carriers, but also by specialised aircraft operators transporting national state delegations, military contingents and cargo.
PRM Passengers
RIX Riga Airport offers passengers with reduced mobility (PRM) balanced and harmonious services in accordance with the requirements Regulation (EC) No 1107/2006 of the European Parliament and of the Council.