The service quality and amenities offered by RIX GH are appreciated not only by commercial carriers, but also by specialised aircraft operators transporting national state delegations, military contingents and cargo.

RIX GH handles all protocol visits that arrive at RIX Riga Airport. In a close collaboration with the vastly experienced VIP centre and State protocol of Republic of Latvia, we have successfully welcomed and accompanied countless official delegations and highest ranking dignitaries, including the Emperor of Japan, the US President as well as practically all Prime Ministers and Monarchs of almost all the states in Europe.

We regularly provide ground handling services to military clients including the Luftwaffe (German Air Force), US Air Force, Flyvevåbnet (Royal Danish Air Force), Royal Canadian Air Force, Royal Air Force (the United Kingdom’s Royal Air Force), Italian Air Force, and other close allies of our country. In order to ensure that military flights are handled as quickly and efficiently as possible, we offer not only all the technical equipment necessary (highloaders, forklifts, apron transport, etc.), as well as specialised solutions for serving operational military contingents (transportation to and from the aircraft, baggage handling, etc.). RIX GH also handles DGR cargoes (unloading and loading) – you will find detailed information in Latvia’s eAIP publication.

RIX GH Ad Hoc manager will help you to find an appropriate solution for servicing any special flight.