RIX Ground Handling (RIX GH) is an operational department of Riga International Airport, offering full ground handling services for all airlines at Riga International Airport. 

We are capable of serving all sizes of passenger and cargo aircraft, including:

  • scheduled and chartered passenger flights
  • regular and chartered cargo flights
  • ad-hoc private and business aviation flights.

All our operations are performed according to three main principles of RIX GH – safety , efficiency and punctuality.  As an ISO 9001 / ISO 14001 certified ground handler, we continuously incorporate the highest EU and international aviation industry safety standards into our ground handling processes to meet and exceed airline requirements. Our highly trained staff will always make sure to match ground handling processes with our airline customers’ needs in the ever changing and demanding air transport market.

Full aircraft handling
Administrative services and flight supervision
Passenger services and baggage handling
Dedicated turnaround coordinator for each flight
Airside cargo handling
Preparation of loading documents

Ad-hoc, Private and Business Aviation Flights

RIX GH provides full ground handling and comprehensive additional services also for private and business aviation flights of all aircraft sizes.  We can assist you with arranging flight permits, coordinating and supervising services provided to your flight by  third parties, help you arranging services outside the airport  (e.g., transportation, hotels), as well as assist in customs and immigration matters.

While we handle your aircraft, we suggest you to book our VIP centre to treat your flight companions and yourself with a genuine VIP service which has become a benchmark for VIP lounges throughout Europe. More information about our exquisite RIX VIP centre and its service range - from the dedicated limo service from aircraft to VIP and back, elegant waiting rooms, welcoming and discrete staff.

Please contact us if you have any specific requests, we will do our best to fulfill them - with RIX GH you can be sure that your aircraft, passengers, crew, baggage or cargo will receive top quality services conforming with the international aviation standards. Last but not the least - with a smile from our staff!

If you plan regular flights to RIX, our ground handling services are available on credit subject to signing a ground handling agreement.

Ground handling services for Ad-hoc, Private and Business Aviation Flights are provided according to Ad-Hoc Terms and Conditions:

Service Rates and Payment
Payment for all services for your flight (including ground handling, airport, take-off/landing and any other applicable charges) can be settled by prepayment or prior to departure by Visa, MasterCard and Amex credit cards. We also accept AirCard and MultiService cards. Please note that we cannot accept cash payments.
Information about general RIX airport charges

Our Customers

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Gints Gariņš
Director RIX GH
Gints Gariņš