RIX GH is the Ground Handling Department of VAS “Riga International Airport” (RIX) whose task is to provide ground handling and PRM services.

The history of RIX GH dates back to 1974 and the founding of Riga International Airport. Over the years, we have acquired invaluable experience and have continually learned to adapt to the ever changing requirements of the aviation market. Regardless of whether they are small changes in hand baggage policy or the offering of a completely new airline product – we know how to react immediately, developing solutions, which increase the efficiency and competitiveness of our customer service. The quality of the services we offer has no bearing on the concept of the service chosen by the customer. No matter whether the airline focuses on the lowest prices or full service philosophy – we will serve each flight according to the highest standards.

Currently, RIX Riga Airport has the biggest transport network in the Baltics. The airport does not plan to stand still – the current challenge facing RIX is to become one of the leaders in the Nordic region. We are honoured to make our contribution to the development of the airport through safe, punctual and quality work.

Our Clients

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