Every year, RIX Riga Airport receives awards for the outstanding quality of its work, as well as its competitiveness and professionalism. Hereinafter is a list of awards, in the receipt of which RIX GH has made an instrumental contribution.

Platinum category in the Sustainability Index

The Sustainability Index Platinum Category is awarded to companies that have fully integrated corporate responsibility into their operations, collect data and assess impact systematically. Businesses that have been awarded the Platinum Category ensure that their operations are conducted with a high level of transparency and engagement of the relevant impacted audience, and whose published data is verified by an external auditor.

Fairest employer 2019

Recognition of the airport’s status as the fairest employer.

Recognition from the Latvian Autism Association

An article of recognition for creating an appropriate and inclusive environment.

Golden Helmet 2017

2nd place in the occupational health and safety best practice award competition “Golden Helmet 2017” “I’m returning to work!” organised by VAS European Occupational Health and Safety Protection Agency National Contact Point.