Charter Flights


RIX GH has many years of experience serving scheduled seasonal charter flights, as well as serving ad hoc special passenger charter flights (e.g., sports teams, repatriation and other special flights).

We will flexibly adapt to any customer requirements – we will ensure that the required passenger registration and baggage handling procedure is strictly followed, we will liaise with airport authorities to ensure the optimal aircraft parking stand and gate, as well as we’ll take care for the shortest possible security check time and securing other advantages for our airline customers.

Even if your charter flight is very specific and requires many deviations from the usual ground handling service process, we’ll do everything to ensure that when it comes to handling flights, the airport and ground handling service infrastructure works as one and as smoothly as possible. For example, we have vast experience in collaborating with professional sports teams often requiring fast passenger and oversized baggage service both on arrival and upon departure.

If your flight guests require so, we can offer VIP centre or terminal Business lounge access. In special charter situations we stand by to ensure that baggage is unloaded, immediately delivered to arrivals hall and taken to customer’s ground transport by our Porter service, the same for departure. 

Some of our Charter customers:

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RIX GH has all the necessary equipment to serve Charter flight aircraft of any type:

  • Airbus (all models except A380);
  • ATR (all types);
  • Boeing 737, 757, 767, 777, 787, 747;
  • Bombardier CRJ (all types);
  • Bombardier Dash Q400;
  • Embraer ERJ (all types);
  • MD 80 and 90 (all types);
  • and many more.

Flight Documentation

At your request, RIX GH employees will arrange for a charter flight flyover permit, as well as arrange for weather and navigation information.

DCS and W&B documents

We use the following RIX GH in-house DCS systems:

  • RESA LDCS (direct flight passenger airlines only, which don’t require additional DCS functionality for transfer and other requirements);
  • iPort (for airlines that require transfer or triangular flight functionality and other additional registration opportunities);
  • if required by airline, for seasonal charter flight programs we can train our staff to use your DCS system.

W&B documents can be prepared electronically on the iPort system*. Our turnaround coordinators are fully trained to prepare the necessary documents manually as well.

*Please note: if the iPort system is used, the Airline must certify preparation of W&B documents within the iPort system, in addition to which the system must include the aircraft (by registration number) used by the airline for the charter flight.


We offer you the chance to not only supply your charter flight with food and beverages from traditional flight caterers, but, if necessary, from any restaurant in the city!

Hotels and Transfers

Pass your worries about organising passenger and flight crew accommodation and transfers to us. Depending on your requirements, we’ll offer you a selection of various offers from our extensive range of cooperation partners on market prices.