Available GSE equipment

  • Pushback tractors (suitable for all aircraft types, including B747-8F) – 5 units;
  • GPU (including those compatible with B747-8F aircraft) – 12 units;
  • Pallet loaders and transporters (maximum lifting capacity 14 t) – 6 units;
  • Baggage belts for bulk cargo – 25 units;
  • Cargo tugs – 26 units;
  • ULD dollies– 31 units;
  • Pallet trolleys – 45 units;
  • Air start units (for all aircraft types, including B747-8F) – 2 units
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Technical hangar for lease

We offer over 5,000 m2 of cargo/equipment storage hangar space, as well as 10,000 mof outdoor storage space on apron (concrete surface).

Rent of specialized GSE

If you need specialized equipment (e.g. cranes etc.) to service aircraft or cargo, we will provide any equipment upon you request.

Other services

At your request, RIX GH will arrange for any other needs for the servicing of your aircraft, as well as for the provision of the services you need for the convenience of your flight crews:

  • flight plan management;
  • de-icing/anti-icing;
  • refueling;
  • flight crew accommodation and transfers;
  • catering for flight crews.