Public and Environmental Engagement


Environmental policy

RIX GH operates in accordance with RIX set environmental policy, which is aimed at sustainable development, a caring attitude towards the environment and concern for the well-being of society as a whole. We behave responsibly towards environmental resources, and therefore it is important for us to prevent or reduce the negative impact on air quality, soil, surface and underground waters resulting from the airport’s operations, as well as to control noise pollution and to reduce the airport’s total energy consumption.

The airport services aircraft and passengers, oversees safe operation of the airfield, as well as maintaining and developing airport infrastructure in conformity with the basic principles of sustainable development, in accordance with environmental, economic and social aspects and in compliance with laws and regulations, as well as ISO 14001 and ISO 50001 standard requirements. More detailed information about RIX environmental policy can be found here.

CO2 emission reduction

RIX has received the Airport Carbon Accreditation environmental programme certificate for fulfilling first level requirements in the reduction of greenhouse effect gas emissions. With the receipt of this certificate, Riga International Airport has joined the 249 other airports around the work, which are taking active measures to reduce greenhouse gas emission. More detailed information about the measures implemented by RIX to reduce CO2 emissions can be found here.

Corporate social responsibility

RIX operations are conducted in the belief that the accomplishments of any business working in Latvia are closely linked to the successful development of society and the economy. Riga International Airport has defined four priority areas of corporate social responsibility and public investment policy:

  • local community welfare;
  • environmental protection;
  • human resource development;
  • business and tourism development in Latvia.

More detailed information about RIX corporate social responsibility can be found here.