Elīna Salava is appointed as Member of the Council of the SJSC Riga International Airport



Today, July 7, the Ministry of Transport, as the holder of the capital shares of the SJSC Riga International Airport, approved Elīna Salava as the member of the airport council for a term of five years. The nomination commission, led by the Cross-Sectoral Coordination Centre, suggested putting her forward as the best among 28 candidates. Overall, there were four rounds of candidacy.


Elīna Salava holds a bachelor’s degree in business management from the University of Latvia. She has a long-standing career history working in various senior management positions. Career history: advisor to the council and management board of Development Finance Institution ALTUM on financial issues; founder and managing director of the start-up “RECOLO”, member of the council and deputy chairperson of the council at AS “Sakret Holdings”, member of the council at AS “Sportland International Group”, finance director at SIA “Rīgas ūdens”, CFO and board member at “Linstow Koncerns” in the Baltics.

The candidacy for the post of independent council member was organised in four rounds, in accordance with the candidacy regulations.

In the first round, the nomination commission carried out an initial evaluation of the candidates (education and work experience, language skills) on the basis of the documents submitted by the candidates. For the second round, the Commission shortlisted 10 candidates with the highest score. Next, the information submitted by the candidates was analysed in detail, based on interviews with the candidates, in order to verify their language skills, work experience and professional knowledge. The second round with the information analysis and interviews was carried out by the recruitment agency SIA “Eiro Personāls”. Five candidates nominated for the third round of the candidacy had to present their strategic vision on issues like risk management, internal control system or strategy development, strategy implementation and corporate governance, giving an insight into the key priorities and proposals for their realisation. The third round of the candidacy consisted of a semi-structured interview, during which the expertise and suitability of each candidate was assessed considering the criteria for the position of the council member and the description of the requirements for professional experience. Given the mean score of candidates from the first three rounds, 3 candidates having the highest score were nominated for the fourth round. The fourth round was an in-depth assessment of management skills of the candidates. The assessment was carried out by the recruitment agency SIA “Eiro Personāls”.


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