Every Traveller from Abroad will be Registered



As of today, 16 July, all persons entering Latvia by using services of international carriers must fill in a questionnaire in which they confirm that upon the arrival in the Republic of Latvia they will observe the epidemiological safety measures set in the country to limit the spread of Covid-19 infection. The questionnaire must be filled in by both foreign tourists and Latvian nationals who return home.


In the questionnaire, the person must indicate his/her name, surname, personal identification code, contact telephone number and the address of the actual place of residence where the person can be reached. It is also requested to list the countries where the person has stayed during the last 14 days before the arrival in Latvia and the dates of departure from these countries.

If the person has stayed in a country that is subject to the special precautionary and restrictive measures, published on the website of the Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (SPKC), he/she must declare that he/she will take the special precautionary measures, including the 14-day self-isolation.

If the arrival of a foreign national in Latvia is necessary for the fulfilment of obligations of Latvian merchants, then this person must confirm in writing that while staying in Latvia, he/she will ensure self-isolation outside the working hours, monitor his/her health condition and observe the special precautionary measures.

Those travellers who during the 14-day period prior to their arrival in Latvia have stayed in a country that is not subject to the precautionary and restrictive measures, do not have to comply with the relevant precautionary measures, including self-isolation, while in Latvia.

The special precautionary and restrictive measures include: self-isolation at the place of residence or another place of stay 14 days after the arrival in Latvia; non-exposure of other persons to the risk of infection, not making direct contacts with other people; the use of a mouth and nose shield in public transport in order to reach the place of self-isolation upon arrival in Latvia; monitoring one’s health condition and informing family doctor of any signs of acute respiratory infectious disease.

The carrier concerned is responsible for submitting the completed questionnaire as soon as possible:

To the State Border Guard: if the statement contains an indication of the person's stay in a country to which, according to the information published by SPKC, the special precautionary and restrictive measures are applicable (the State Border Guard hands over this questionnaire to the State Police);

To SPKC: if the questionnaire indicates a stay only in a country that is not subject to the special precautionary and restrictive measures.

The responsible authority will keep the completed questionnaires for one month and destroy them after the expiry of the relevant period.


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