Latest information on measures to be taken at Riga Airport in relation to the spread of COVID-19


Riga Airport cares for the health and well-being of its passengers, therefore already since January we have been actively cooperating with the Centre for Disease Prevention and Control of Latvia (SPKC), the Ministry of Health and the Emergency Medical Service, we work according to the guidelines and recommendations of these authorities, and have implemented the following additional measures:


1. Hand disinfection stands have been set up in the Airport terminal (in baggage reclaim halls C and E, at departure gate B7, before the security control for transit passengers, at the border inspection post before departure);

2. Cleaning and disinfection of both public and staff premises, as well as Airport buses carrying passengers from the terminal to aircraft and vice versa have been intensified;

3. Departing and arriving passengers are informed of the precautions to be taken when travelling to the affected areas and what should be done should passengers develop any virus-specific symptoms. There are large-format informational banners and SPKC recommendations set up in the terminal. Passengers are encouraged to monitor their health and seek medical advice in the event of any doubt. If after returning from the virus-affected areas while still at the Airport, passengers are experiencing elevated temperature, sore throat, cough or breathing difficulties, they are advised to refer to the Airport’s medical centre located in arrivals E (next to Costa Coffee);

4. We regularly inform our staff members of the preventive protective measures to be taken (personal hygiene, hand washing and/or disinfection, etc.) and remind them to carefully evaluate the need to travel to the areas affected by the virus.

The Airport is actively following up-to-date information, and if the SPKC or other Latvian authorities responsible for the spread of the virus decide on additional measures at the Airport, we will act promptly.