RIGA FASHION WEEK opens at RIGA International Airport


On Wednesday, 3 November, the 13th annual event – Riga Fashion Week (RFW) – was opened in a quite unusual venue and atmosphere – at RIGA International Airport.

It is hard to imagine a more cosmopolitan place than an airport. People from many countries and many cultural backgrounds meet there. Nobody stays there long. This place is open to everybody, yet it is nobody's home. It is there that a person feels most poignantly that time waits for no-one. Everything flows and changes very rapidly. Things happen there. Just like in the world of fashion. In this extraordinary place the international fashion festival RFW was declared open. The guests and media representatives were taken for a flight of fashion. The multicultural atmosphere was enhanced by the shows of the leading fashion designers of the Baltic states: Natālija Jansone (Latvia), Giedrius Šarkauskas (Lithuania) and Tiina Talumee (Estonia). Musicians Diana Moon, Roberto Meloni and DJ Tee-Ex performed for the audience. Graphical visualizations were provided by CBETOMUSIC. The show was hosted by Roberto Meloni.

The international fashion event Riga Fashion Week at RIGA International Airport! The name „RĪGA” unites these two seemingly incompatible things advertising our capital city in Latvia and abroad. This time it is fashion that unites everything and everybody.

Natālija Jansone’s 2011spring/summer collection "Ruby" is made of knitted fabric and 100% silk. The entire collection is gentle and breezy with the soft fabric caressing the body. Dresses, blouses and waistcoats are mutually complementing and easily combinable.

For Giedrius Šarkauskas’s new collection “Chaplin” inspiration was drawn from the grotesquely chaotic rhythm of life, outwardly funny yet essentially lyrical, executed in black and white.

Tiina Talumee in her design studio creates hand-made numbers of haute couture: frocks, ladies’ suits, coats and wedding gowns. Her new collection „Woman of the Republic” is a flashback from her grandmother’s childhood. The unique qualities of the pre-war and wartime style have fascinated the designer for many years and now they are reflected in her new collection.

The 13th RIGA FASHION WEEK will continue till 6 November.